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In need of a top-notch concrete contractor who gets the job done? Look no further, as BIC Construction is one of the best concrete contractors Bloomington IL has to offer. We cover all your concrete needs, from patios to foundation crack repairs!

Our team of knowledgeable professionals can handle any project with skill and precision. When you hire us, you get peace of mind knowing we use only state-of-the-art equipment and materials. We’re determined to make sure that your project will last for years to come. BIC Co takes pride in our work and treats each job as our own home or business. With us on your side, you can rest assured that your concrete project is in good hands!

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Concrete Driveways

Create the driveway you always wanted with our variety of decorative finishes.


Concrete Foundations

Foundation crack repair is necessary if you want to ensure your home stays up-right. BIC Co specializes in rectifying any foundation issues.


Concrete Patios

Enhance the look of your patio to make your property stand out! There are many patterns and options to choose from to create your desired look. 


Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete offers our clients a modern look but it can be very durable as well.  Increase the appeal of your driveway, sidewalk, or patio today!

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Working with a reputable contractor is crucial if you want to save on time, costs, and have an excellent final product. Our team has the tools to get an amazing job done in a timely manner and within your budget!

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Our experts are regularly trained and have major certificates in the industry..

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BIC Co will always choose quality over quantity to ensure you get the best product! Make your driveway, patio, or sidewalk stand out.

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Let's work together on a package that makes sense for you. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and making sure they get their money's worth.

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Our definition of professional is to communicate with integrity and passion for what we do. Work with us to get concrete pros that care about your best interests for your concrete needs.

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Each project gets special attention to detail. We won't stop until you are fully satisfied with the final outcome. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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Our Ready-Mix Projects Include:

Concrete Patios

Transform your outdoor space with a stunning concrete patio Bloomington IL! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for traditional or stamped concrete. Experienced and reliable local contractors can make your dream outdoor area a reality. Concrete companies near Bloomington IL will assess the terrain to determine the best type of foundation for your patio. Do note that decks come in all sizes and styles. BIC Co will have you covered if you need a small intimate seating area or an expansive concrete floor. We will provide our professional advice on elevating any outdoor entertainment space. Our decorative options, including colored, stamped or stained concrete, will allow you to customize any deck or floor. No matter the type of concrete flatwork used, you won’t have to break the bank!

Pay special attention to your patio’s maintenance. Don’t forget that regular cleaning and sealing are essential to keep it in tip-top shape. You need to make sure that you’re protecting against stains and weathering. IL Bloomington Contractors offers regular maintenance services like power washing and crack repair. This guarantees long-lasting resistance of the floor depending on the size. While these steps may seem tedious at times, they go a long way towards preserving the beauty of your patio. 

If your patio has begun showing signs of wear due to age or exposure, it’s time for some repairs! Foundation crack repair Bloomington IL is necessary when settling beneath a concrete slab. You can unfortunately see cracks in its surface above ground level. Professional concrete experts can take care of this problem by using innovative methods. One such way is mudjacking, which raises sunken foundations. The hollow concrete restores the original structure’s integrity before further damage occurs. You can also pour a new concrete foundation in its place to accommodate any failure.

It doesn’t matter what kind of service you need from concrete contractors Bloomington IL. Our team is committed to providing high-quality results on every job. BIC Co takes pride in the decades of experience on our belt and modern solutions. Our service towards residential customers is also second-to-none. As such, it pays dividends when investing in quality work that adds value both inside and out. Are you ready to get started on transforming your outdoor space? It couldn’t be easier than this with our experienced team at hand. Let’s now turn our attention towards foundation crack repair Bloomington IL. This next section has insight into ensuring our home stays strong no matter what life throws its way!

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Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks

Upgrade your property’s exterior with a beautiful driveway or sidewalk that’s also tough. Our professionally installed concrete driveways are great investments for homeowners. A few benefits include increased curb appeal and adding immense value to your property. Working with experienced local concrete contractors Bloomington IL ensures a clean job. BIC Construction has extensive experience in creating polished driveways from start to finish. 

We provide superior craftsmanship to each construction project we undertake. As one of the leading concrete companies in Bloomington IL, we have a reputation for excellence. We will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a customized design that meets your requirements. Our experienced crew will then install your new driveway using only top-quality materials. With our help, you can be sure of having an attractive and durable driveway that will look great for years. If you’re looking for professional concrete contractors Bloomington IL, contact BIC Construction today! Your project is just one call away from becoming a reality. Let us show you why we’re considered one of the best concrete companies in Bloomington IL! From planning through installation, we’ll take care of every detail. You will not have to worry about anything else but enjoying your beautiful new driveway. With us on the job, you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands and completed on time. Ready to get started? Contact us today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment!

The beauty of creating a unique stamped concrete design doesn’t end with just driveways – plenty of other options are available too! Stamped concrete provides endless possibilities for transforming dull outdoor spaces into something extraordinary. You can add distinctive patterns or textures around walkways or pool decks. Or even create decorative accents such as seating walls and steps within planters. Stamped concrete provides a versatile canvas upon which creative ideas can come alive! At BIC Co, we specialize in transforming ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art using stamped designs. We allow homeowners to express themselves through their outdoor living space. Our team has what it takes to bring any idea into reality while ensuring quality workmanship throughout every process. This includes simple geometric patterns to complex ornamental designs. Take your outdoor space from dull to vibrant and eye-catching. Give us a call today to discover how our stamped concreting services can help make your dream a reality!

Stamped Concrete

Bring your outdoor space to life with our professional stamped concreting services. As the leading concrete contractors Bloomington IL, we understand the importance of a beautiful, well-maintained property. Our stamped concrete services can transform your dull outdoor areas into something special. We offer decorative designs that add character to any space. 

Our team of experienced professionals are trained in completing stamped concrete projects. We’re here to help make your vision come to life. Please leave it to us to aid from the planning and design phases to actual installation and maintenance. We provide everything you need for an exquisite finish that will stand the test of time. BIC uses only high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. This way, we know our clients are receiving the best results possible.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service on every project we undertake. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions about our services and products. Are you looking for a traditional or modern design? For us, it will not matter! We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction with our finished product.

As one of the best concrete contractors Bloomington IL, we strive for excellence. We ensure our customers get the most out of their investment by providing innovative designs and quality workmanship. We are your go-to Stamped Concrete Bloomington IL specialists. You can be rest assured knowing you’ll get nothing less than superior results that will last many years! What makes us the best IL Bloomington concrete contractors? Come find out today!

Concrete Crack Foundation Repair

Are you dealing with a pesky foundation crack? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Foundation cracks show severe structural damage, but not all cracks cause alarm. A qualified concrete contractor in Bloomington IL is necessary for determining the severity. After assessing the problem, you’re given reliable solutions. At our concrete company near Bloomington IL, we specialize in foundation crack repair services. BIC Co helps restore stability and prolong the life of your property through its expertise in selecting the right concrete.

Our experienced technicians are trained to identify foundation problems and apply the appropriate repairs. We can handle simple patching and epoxy jobs. Our more complicated projects are parking lots, retaining walls, or a basement foundation repair Bloomington IL. We use high-quality materials after excavation for long-lasting results. Our team is committed to working safely and efficiently so that you can get peace of mind knowing your project is being handled correctly.

At our concrete Bloomington IL company, every customer deserves exceptional service. Our team takes pride in delivering superior workmanship on every job. We know the importance of having a property that requires minimal maintenance. We aim to provide the best possible service for your concrete foundation repairs. Are you planning on rebuilding your backyard, garage, or resurfaced deck? If so, whatever the concrete used will need to be resistant enough to stand the test of time.

Don’t let a small crack become a more significant issue for your home or property. Please leave it to our licensed professionals to care for your concrete needs. Our experts will use their skills and experience to ensure everything is in good shape. If you want reliable results, contact us today for an appointment.

foundation crack repair
foundation crack repair

What Makes Us the Best IL Bloomington Concrete Contractors?

Discover how our years of experience in residential concrete can transform your outdoor space. BIC Co provides excellent service as one of the leading concrete contractors Bloomington IL has available. Our focus is on both commercial and residential jobs, no matter the size. BIC Co’s reputation for excellence is well known throughout the central Illinois area. We strive to deliver exceptional results for all our client’s concrete construction needs. BIC Construction understands how important it is to have a beautiful outdoor space. It’s why you’ll receive a free estimate to get you started as soon as possible.

Our team of experts is trained in installation, repair, and maintenance appropriately. You can trust us when it comes to servicing your home or business. We use only the highest quality materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. This means that your new decorative concrete will last for decades to come! Additionally, all our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee. You can be assured knowing that our friendly customer service will address any issues.

We also believe in offering competitive pricing and flexible payment options. This way, everyone has access to the best concrete contractors Bloomington IL has to offer! We pride ourselves on quality service and getting things done right the first time. None of our clients has EVER had to worry about any unnecessary delays or costly repairs down the line. Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, we’ve got you covered!

From start to finish, we ensure every type of job goes smoothly. We assist with initial design ideas for the final inspection. Our goal is always complete customer satisfaction. Nothing is more important than ensuring our customers love their concrete service! So don’t wait — contact us for more information or request a free estimate online!

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Some of the best people to work with. I don't usually leave reviews but BIC Construction left an incredible impression on me. Not only did they do an amazing job on my patio, but it was cheaper than I thought it would be!
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Tiffany B.
BIC Construction does what they say they are going to do! I had a great call with them and we set up a plan right after. I would highly recommend their services if you are looking for a concrete contractor in Illinois.
Alicia P.
These guys are simply the best. There were so many options to choose from for the stamped concrete I wanted to install. After making a decision on a sample, they went right to work. I've received numerous compliments on the completed project.
Edward B.

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